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About the resource

The Banana Best Management Practices (BMP) are national guidelines which are designed to encourage the continual improvement and adoption of best practice throughout the banana industry. There are two complimentary BMP resources for environmental and on-farm biosecurity practices.

The Banana BMP resources are voluntary guidelines and the content and functionality of the BMP was built from the ground up, with banana growers and input from scientists and technical specialists. Where appropriate, practices are separated according to the production regions of the tropics, subtropics east coast and subtropics west coast.

The environmental BMP reflects the structure of Freshcare’s Environmental Code, while providing banana industry specific content and practices. It provides a system to support the guidelines, in the form of a self-assessment checklist and management plan. Similarly the on-farm biosecurity BMP also consists of a self-assessment checklist which generates a management plan of the current practices in place on the farm as well as an improvement plan.

Why use it?

The on-line BMP system helps growers assess their current environmental and on-farm biosecurity practices and prioritise their time and resources to improve their farm practices.

By completing the easy to use self-assessment checklists the on-line system automatically generates management and improvement plans for your environmental and biosecurity practices.

The BMP information resources are a reference point of information for banana growers about suggested environmental and on-farm biosecurity practices. Many of the practices detailed in these resources also improve productivity and reduce production costs.

How to use it

Growers can use the guidelines on their own as an information resource, however, the real value is in the easy-to-use on-line BMP system. The system allows you to complete either the environmental and/or on-farm biosecurity BMP’s as separate modules.

Step 1: Login – Contact Amelia Foster if you don’t have a login or have forgotten your password (amelia.foster@abgc.org.au or 07 4015 2797).

Step 2: Use the checklist to assess your environmental and/or on-farm biosecurity practices.

Step 3: Check out the priorities for improvement on your farm which have been generated based on the answers you’ve selected in the checklist. You can also download a document which details the on-farm biosecurity practices you have in place.

Who can use it?

The on-line BMP system can be accessed by all Australian banana growers, farm managers and key staff that property owners nominate.

Contact Amelia Foster (amelia.foster@abgc.org.au – 07 4015 2797) if you would like assistance completing your BMP or for further information.


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